How the Therapeutic Wonders of Botox Therapy Can Relieve Your TMJ Pain

When I started practicing dentistry in 2011 and purchased my own practice in 2015, I began to notice a lot of my patients experienced extreme TMJ pain, muscle spasms and grinding of their teeth.  Migraine headaches were also a frequent complaint. Along with getting my patients fitted with occlusal guards and encouraging orthodontic treatment if it was indicated, I began... read more »

Sleep Dentistry in the Modern Dental Office

One of the most frequent inquiries my business office receives is if we treat anxious patients that need to be asleep for their appointments. Smile Designers is proud to be able to offer our clients the best options for the most comfortable dental experience. The advantages of using different types of sedation are that patients can achieve a relaxed state... read more »

Restorative Hygienist…A New Experience

Smile Designers is at the forefront of clinical excellence and technology and we are proud that our dental hygienists have gone through extensive training to become certified in the State of Oregon to place restorative fillings for our patients. After the clinical coursework was completed, our hygienists then had to qualify for a Restorative Endorsement by completing State Dental Board-approved... read more »

Worst Food for Your Teeth

Do you know what the #1 cavity-causing food is? If you guessed some sort of sugary snacks or sodas you are wrong! It’s actually the saltine cracker. Saltine crackers are worse for your teeth because they are fermentable and highly processed starch. The crackers contain genetically engineered ingredients increasing the glycemic index which makes the food more cariogenic (cavity causing).... read more »