CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Having a restoration placed can be a tedious process, but CEREC same-day technology makes restoring your smile quicker and more convenient! With CEREC, our dentist can place a crown in just one visit. Call Smile Designers today at 503-661-6613 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anna Dneprov and learn more about CEREC same-day crowns in Gresham, Oregon.


Introducing CEREC same-day dental crowns, a revolutionary solution that eliminates the inconvenience of multiple dental visits! In the past, obtaining a dental crown meant scheduling two separate appointments. However, with our cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology, our skilled dentist can now create and install your crown in just a single visit, saving you valuable time and effort.

The process begins with a comprehensive examination by our experienced dentist to determine if a dental crown is the appropriate treatment for your specific needs. Any weakened, decayed or broken tooth material is then carefully removed to prepare for the crown placement.

Utilizing an advanced imaging system, a digital impression is taken, which serves as the blueprint for your custom dental crown. Through intricate computer-aided design, our dentist crafts a precise 3D model of your crown, allowing for remarkable accuracy and aesthetics. In a matter of minutes, this model is transformed into a physical crown using our state-of-the-art milling technology. The crown is made from a durable, tooth-colored material that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Once the crown is ready, our skilled dentist expertly places it in your mouth, ensuring a proper fit. The crown is then securely bonded into place, and our team will polish it to perfection. With your same-day dental crown now complete, you can leave our office with a renewed smile and restored dental functionality.

To discover more about the benefits of CEREC same-day dental crowns and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist, we invite you to contact our office today. Say goodbye to lengthy treatment processes and hello to a convenient, efficient dental solution that puts your smile first!