TMJ Treatment

Dentist in Gresham, OR

If you are experiencing constant head, neck or jaw pain, your discomfort may be due to a TMJ disorder. We invite you to come in for a consultation with our dentist, where she can learn more about your symptoms and develop a treatment plan. Call Smile Designers today at 503-661-6613 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anna Dneprov and start TMJ treatment in Gresham, Oregon.

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, connects the lower jaw to the skull and allows you to speak, eat and perform other oral functions. It is a complex joint that can move in many different ways, and while that is what allows the TMJ to perform all its functions, it can also lead to various problems with chewing, smiling and speaking.

If you experience popping, clicking, locking or pain when opening and closing your mouth, you may have a TMJ disorder. If so, please come into our office for a consultation and checkup! There are many different factors that can contribute to problems with the TMJ, and we will talk with you and listen to your experience to best understand your problem and get you the treatment you need.

Call our office today and meet with our dentist to learn more about our options for TMJ treatment!