"I don't know if you guys remember me but my name is Ben and I was in your office near the end of the month of May.  My family and I were in Oregon for my sisters wedding and I had come down with a little bit of a toothache, or what I thought was a little toothache....Little did I know that I would need a root canal done.  I am writing to you today because the care and service from you is something that I cannot say Thank you enough for.  This letter is coming a litte later than it should have, but I did not want you to think for a minute that the time, effort ad care all of you showed did not go unnoticed.

Personally, before coming to you, the last place you would ever find me would be a dentist's office.  But after the experience I had in your office, if I ever have the slightest toothache come back I am buying a direct flight to Gresham, OR!  You guys turned a week that looked like it was going to be a pretty rough one into a trip that my family and I will never forget, and I cannot Thank you enough for that. You went above and beyond for me from squeezing me in the first visit, to coordinating the whole procedure, and lastly with everything for post op.  I am sure your staff goes above and beyond for all your patients but you definitely know how to make a patient feel cared for.  Again, I just want to say Thank you for all that you did for me, if I am ever in Oregon again I will make sure to stop by and say hello.... and maybe get a cleaning done too!"

Sincerely,  Ben

"I have always been AFRAID to go to the Dentist. Sadly it has kept me from doing the proper maintenance to keep my teeth in tip top shape. NOT ANY MORE! Yesterday every worry I ever had about going to the Dentist became HISTORY. Dr. Anna and her staff welcomed me (and my worries) and totally changed my view of going to the Dentist! Dr. Anna and her staff are warm, kind, caring, positive and reassuring. They took all of my concerns, addressed them and did a COMPLETE exam, X-rays and pictures evaluating each tooth. I got to see exactly what the Doctor was referring to, as they have a camera with a monitor for me to view during the exam. I walke our of the office with a SMILE on my face, my teeth polished and whitened and a HUGE skip in my beat!!! Affordable too! I cant wait for my next visit in one week to do some deep cleaning to get my teeth on the road to AMAZING!!!! Did I mention I've always been critical of my lower teeth as the front 4 have been crowded and a bit crooked all my 51 years? WELL NO MORE!!! As soon as we get my deep cleaning done, and a few fractured teeth addressed I'm doing Invisalign and I will have near PERFECT straight pearly white teeth!!! Thank you Dr. Anna for the comprehensive plan for my teeth to become something I've ALWAYS wanted. Thank you Dr. Anna and your wonderful staff for making me feel like FAMILY and helping me change my opinion of going to the Dentist. I'm so excited for the end result and the better overall health that goes with strong and healthy teeth and gums! You all earned an A+ with EXTRA CREDIT!!! THANK YOU!-"

- Terri

"This group of folks are nothing short of exceptional. Always friendly, always caring, always fun, yet always professional. They care about your teeth and oral health. I ended up back in today after a semi-long absence due to breaking a tooth, and they had me in, fixed up and on my way all in the same day. Very happy, and they will continue to be our dentist for as long as they're around. :)"

- James

"This Practice has found the balance of enjoying their work and their clients. They always treat you with respect and show a personal concern for your welfare that is harder to find at a time that many such practices are nothing more than a money mill and treat you like cattle. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone!"

- Anonymous

"Smile Designers is the best dentistry in the USA. A wonderful, caring, compassionate staff. Dr. TerryLynn is excellent in her field. She is amazing and does a beautiful job. She gave me back my beautiful smile. Dr. TerryLynn is so friendly, her staff is also. They make you feel at home and give you the best dental care that you have ever had. I would highly recommend Dr.TerryLynn."

- Kim

"WOW!!! What a wonderful experience. I just moved back to Gresham after being away for 5 years. I had a molar crack and break, so I google'd the first place I could come up with that might give me an emergency appointment. So glad I called Dr. TerryLynn Tennant. They got me an appointment two hours after I called and took care of me for nearly 3 hours while they gave me a temporary crown. Nicest, most accommodating staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Dr. TerryLynn Tennant was amazing as well! Great chemistry among co-workers!"

"These Doctors and hygienist are absolutely best in the field! They are highly skilled, have the latest technology and makes your visit as pain-free as possible. I tried to switch back to a dentist closer to my home and was horrified at the comparison. That dentist did not have the latest equipment or skills... it was like dental care in the 90's. Use Smile Designers.. you owe it to yourself."

- Anonymous

"I have been a patient of this office for many years and several dentists. Although I have like all the staff through the years, I feel that the present team of upbeat and caring staff are the best yet. I highly recommend these professionals for people of ALL ages!"